Equipment & Accessories

Whether you need to make soft serve, create slushies, warm choc tops or serve frozen yoghurt, we can help you with the right equipment for your operation.

Soft serve machines

We partner with several leading food-service equipment manufacturers to offer our customers a range of soft serve machines, frozen yoghurt machines and accessories. Our equipment partners offer full support and training to help you create the best quality products for your customers.


We recommend and supply Altimate cones. They’re freshly baked and contain no artificial colours or flavours. They are available for delivery within Australia only.


Choc Top Warmer

This great piece of equipment is specially designed to be used with our Choc Top mix.

Mixing products

Our mixing products include 15 L buckets, which come with a measurement scale on the side to make mixing even easier. Stainless-steel whisks are also available.

Cleaning products and lubricants

Our cleaning product is a food-grade, concentrated and powerful cleanser, bleach and disinfectant all in one product. Most importantly, it leaves no residual odour. Our lubricants are food-grade and are intended for use as per the machine manufacturer’s instructions.

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