Frosty Boy

Swirls of deliciousness
sprinkled with love!

Here’s why everyone loves

Soft serve is one of the most versatile frozen desserts on the market. With a little imagination at play, our bases can be transformed into the most delightful desserts that make people keep coming back for more.

Nobody does it better!

For nearly 50 Years,
Frosty Boy has been a source for
Pure Happiness

We have been innovating consistently superior, premium quality soft serve since 1976. Our know-how, coupled with a worldwide supply chain, enables us to consistently create the best soft serve!

Taste the difference.

We create great-tasting, quality products that are easy to use!Our products are cost-effective solutions to support your business growth. They are versatile, easy to prepare, convenient to transport and store, and have a long shelf life of 12-18 months.

Rich, creamy goodness.

Classic Vanilla

Taste that’s out of
this world.

Supernova Vanilla

The ultimate
guilt-free indulgence.

Vegan Coconut

A bowlful of happiness.

Yo Frost

Unleash the flavour burst!

Flavour Sachets

Create the milkshake of your dreams

A wide range of milkshakes can be created with any of our bases from the soft serve range.

Innovate. Create. Inspire.

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